Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Soldier's Wills Added to ScotlandsPeople Website

ScotlandsPeople has just released 31,000 digitized images of soldiers wills - generally written in the back of the paybook on the eve of dispatch to the front. These wills are not just from officers, but from front-line soldiers. While the majority of the wills are from the Great War, there are also wills from the Korean War, the Boer War and the Second World War.

The wills contain the battalion, regiment rank and service number for the soldier, as well as the person they named as their beneficiary. Of note is that these wills were in the soldier's own handwriting.

Each image is 10 credits to view. On average, there are four images to view including the envelope. You can get the entire four images for just over £12 ($22US/CDN)


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