Sunday, 4 May 2014

Glasgow Cattle and Meat Market, Calton

A fascinating stop on the Calton Heritage Trail was the site of the old Glasgow Cattle and Meat Market. This has since been refurbished into condos, but the fas├žade has been retained. This was once an enormous cattle and meat market. The entrance ways are massive and impressive

 The Glasgow Cattle and Meat Market, Gallowgate and Graham Square, Calton

 The principle entrance to the Cattle and Meat Market

 Bust of a bull shows the purpose of the building

 Original doors

 Entrance to the original meat market and stalls

Cattle and sheep sheds

Bust of a ram shows that sheep are also sold and traded here

The architect for the meat market entrances was John Carrick. They were built in 1875. This was a hub of activity for farmers, drovers, butchers and businessmen of the day.

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