Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Our Last Day of Research

Following a weekend to travel to where our ancestors lived, to research in local archives, to sightsee, or to simply unwind, we were back at the ScotlandsPeople Centre first thing thisTuesday morning. This was our last opportunity to search OPRs, Statutory Records, Sazines, Wills, Testaments, Court a Records, Valuation Rolls or Kirk Session Records. 

Just as we were leaving, the heavens opened up and we were baptized with a torrential downpour, complete with thunder and lightening! We were right drenched as we stood endlessly waiting for our taxis to arrive....


  1. Everyone is so engrossed in their research.

  2. When we were in Edinburgh we had so little time due to some confusion about our car rental (it had to be returned earlier than we thought). So I walked right past the Scottish Records Office and didn't go in. My Scots were very early - 1600-1700s, so I was thinking a lot of it is online....but not all...I know, I know. I had sights to see, though!