Saturday, 31 January 2015


Sign up for this unique opportunity for professional and semi-professional genealogists who do research in the Scottish records. 

While in Edinburgh, we will be learning from Scottish genealogists and archivists who are expert in their respective fields.

The week of intense study culminates in a joint day of Professional Development with our colleagues in the Scottish Genealogy Network.

Fees include: 
  •  7 nights in a hotel in Old Town Edinburgh, at the edge of the University campus
  •  Breakfast every morning
  •  Transfer to the Archives
  •  Two and half days of intense learning    
  •   An evening of learning and tour of the Scottish Genealogy Society
  •  Research fees for two full days of research at the NRS
  •   Research fees for a unique evening of research at the NRS
  •   Half a day of research at the Maps Dept of the NLS
  •  Registration fees for the joint day of Professional Development with the  Scottish Genealogy Network
  •  Lunch at the SGN Professional Development Day
  •  Time to network and develop collaborative relationships with our Scottish  colleagues
  •  A guided historical tour of Greyfriars Cemetery (note, this is NOT a ghost  tour)
 This unique Institute is limited to 15 participants.
For more information or to book your space in the Institute:

Book Your Genealogy Research Trip to Scotland

What better way to truly understand your ancestors than to visit their homeland? Walk where your ancestors walked. Visit the churches they attended. Pay tribute to them at their grave.

Genealogy Tours of Scotland offers 10 - day research tours in Edinburgh. Tour groups will have reserved access to all research facilities including talks on the records available at each repository for family history research.

Included in your tour:
· pre-tour preparation package
· pre-tour webinars
· 9 nights accommodation
· 9 breakfasts 
· protected research time
· onsite overviews and talks
· 3 full days of research at Scotland's People Centre
· Full day of research at the National Library of Scotland
· Full day of research at the NLS Maps Reading Room
· Daily research fees
· Evening at the Scottish Experience Dinner show
· All ground transportation for research
· Time to visit the area where your ancestors lived (additional travel fees not included)
· Opportunity to visit the local family history society where your ancestors lived

For more information:

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

New Resources for Planning Your Genealogy Research Trip to Scotland

New books to assist you in planning your genealogy research trip to Scotland:

 Planning a Genealogy Research Trip to Scotland Workbook $3.50

 Preparing For a Genealogy Research Trip to Scotland Quick Guide $8.95

Sunday, 4 January 2015

2016 Genealogy Research Trip to Scotland Filling Up

Registration is open for the 2016 Genealogy Research Trip to Scotland. The 2016 tour is filling quickly, and is already 30% filled. 

If traveling to your ancestral homeland to research your roots, connect with your ancestors and claim your heritage is on your must do list, book now so as not to be disappointed: