Sunday, 24 March 2013

Getting Closer

Six weeks today and I will be in Glasgow, just ahead of the Genealogy Research Trip in Edinburgh. With the time is getting closer, I decided to make sure my list of what I hope to accomplish is in order. Interestingly, this year's list reads very similar to last year's list! Although I managed a great deal of research last May and was able to fill in a lot of details and to gain a better understanding of the lives of my father's line, I apparently didn't give my "list" much of a glance! Perhaps this year I will do better....

So, once again, I hope to make a visit to Bent Cemetery in Hamilton to see the burial site of my 3X great grandfather and his son. They were killed together in a mining accident.

I want to read through the Kirk Session records to find out more about my gt grandmother and hopefully to ascertain what happened to her first husband.

I also want to get into the Nursing Archives in Edinburgh and the Edinburgh University Library.

I am looking forward to the SAFHS conference in Galashiels and perhaps spending time in the Borders region. 

And of course, I look forward to meeting the rest of the group and to sharing in their research excitement. 

Stay tuned to this blog for daily updates while we are in Scotland.