Sunday, 27 January 2013

Added Bonus for May 2013 Trip!

Co-incidentally, the Scottish Association of Family History Societies is having their annual conference while we are on our trip this year. The conference takes place in Galashiels this year, in the Scottish Borders. This is similar to the State or Provincial Genealogy Conferences here. There is a fee to attend the talks (6 in total) and I would be happy to cover those fees for you if you are interested in attending. The speakers will be top notch experts in their field. The theme this year is "Comings and Goings, Migration and Scotland" The list of talks can be found here:

Anyone registered for the May Trip who also wishes to attend this conference can contact me at for more information.

Remember book now and pay in full by February 15 to save $200!


Saturday, 26 January 2013


Book your research trip to Scotland now and pay in full by February 2013 to save $200.

A trip to your ancestral homeland is both awe-inspiring and humbling. It provides you with such a deep seated feeling of reverence knowing you stand in the same place where your ancestors walked. The sights, some of the landmarks and the sounds may have changed, but the deep emotion of knowing your great, great anything once stood in the same spot you are now standing in, or worshipped in the same church you are visiting is incomparable. It helps you put the dates, names and places into perspective.

Genealogy Tours of Scotland, takes groups to Scotland every spring to research in the repositories in Edinburgh, including the Scotland’s People Centre, the National Library of Scotland and the Scottish Genealogy Society. Arrangements can also be made for you to visit the family history society in your ancestral part of Scotland.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Discount for Couples Traveling Together May 2013

Do you want to go to Scotland to do some family history research? Are you looking to travel to Scotland with a partner but finding that cost is getting in the way? Why not take advantage of our couples discounts:

For one genealogy researcher and one non-genealogy researcher: This is a BOGO offer (Buy One Get One). Pay full fees for the researcher and then receive a 50% discount for the non-researcher. This applies to two people sharing a room. The fees for the non-researcher include breakfast daily, the Ceilidh, and some transportation fees. No research fees, lecture fees or other fees will be covered.

For two genealogy researchers, save the registration fees for one person. This again applies to two people sharing a room. Once both people have paid their fees in full, you will receive a refund for the second registration fee ($450).

These are equal opportunity discounts. The second person can be a spouse, partner, sibling, cousin, family member, partner or friend but must be willing to share the hotel room with you.



Thursday, 3 January 2013

CNN Names Scotland As Top Travel Destination

Why not make Scotland your travel destination for 2013? Scotland is full history, culture and more importantly, ancestry. If you can trace your ancestral roots to Scotland, come and join us for a genealogy holiday in May

Get access to records not available online. While in Edinburgh, enjoy the rich history of this fascinating city. Take a city tour

On the weekend, visit your ancestral homeland, walk in your ancestors footsteps. Visit their community, church, place of work. Pay homage to your ancestors at their graveside. Or even take a day trip to the highlands, seaside or border region.

Join us for a Ceilidh

relax in a pub, indulge in your taphophilic tendencies and wander the local grave yards.