Wednesday, 2 March 2016


And that's a wrap! Incredibly in just a fortnight, the Glasgow Genealogy Research Tour has SOLD OUT!

Thank you to everyone who signed up! I am looking forward to sharing your genealogy adventures with you in Glasgow!

For anyone still interested in researching their family history in Scotland, the regular Genealogy Tour that takes place annually in Edinburgh is still OPEN.

The Edinburgh tour gives you: 

  • pre-tour preparation webinars
  • pre-tour preparation package
  • assistance to plan a visit to your ancestral part of Scotland
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • 9 full breakfasts
  • Overview of records in each facility
  • 5 full days of research
  • daily research fees
  • daily transportation to research facilities
  • time to travel to your ancestral home area
  • additional day to research locally
  • optional evening tours
  • evening at the Taste of Scotland dinner and show

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


After a whirlwind fortnight, the Glasgow Research Tour is almost SOLD OUT. There is, remarkably, only ONE SPACE LEFT!

The week of research will take place in Glasgow and will focus on research in the repositories there.

Tour fees include:

  • 8 nights at the Glasgow Marriott and 8 full breakfasts 
  • The Scottish Association of Family History Societies Conference in Fife (registration, transportation to and from Fife and lunch)
  • Three days of research at the Mitchell Library which houses the Glasgow Archives. They also have access to the same database that is available at the ScotlandsPeople Centre minus the Kirk Session records
  • One day of research at the Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society
  • One day of research at the University of Glasgow Archives, which house all of the business archives for Scotland. They also house the NHS records for the Glasgow/Lanarkshire area and the records of the Friendly Assurance Society, an early insurance company.
Anyone interested in the Glasgow week might wish to register for the April 2/16 webinar presented by Dr Irene O'Brien, head archivist at the Glasgow Archives:

To register for the Special Research Week in Glasgow:

*Airfare and transfer between hotel and airport not included*