Saturday, 20 October 2018

Cancellation Opens Space In Glasgow Tour

I received information yesterday that one of the people who had signed up for the Glasgow 2019 tour has to cancel, leaving one space open.

Tour dates are May 16-24th and includes three full days at the Mitchell Library where there is a hub for the ScotlandsPeople database, the Glasgow City Archives and the Special Collections department. Other research opportunities include a the Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society and the Lanarkshire Family History Society as well as the North Lanarkshire Archives.

Optional tours are a guided walking tour of the city's east end (Calton/Bridgeton) and a guided tour of the Glasgow Necropolis.

This is the last tour that is being scheduled for the forseeable future. And likely the last one for Glasgow.

If you have Lanarkshire roots, this is an ideal research trip for you. Tour fees are just $2495 cad ($1900usd)

For more information or to register:

The space will once again go on a first come, first serve basis.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

World Tourism Day

Today is #Worldtourismday. My news feed on  both Facebook and Twitter were full of wonderful posts honouring tour providers, historic sites and museums. 

Reflecting back on my 7 years in the Ancestral Tourism business I have been so blessed. Blessed to be able to share my homeland with others in the diaspora. Blessed to be able to facilitate them learning more of their own story by uncovering the stories of their Scottish ancestors. Blessed and humbled to hear and see the emotions evoked when people have visited homes, graves, churches of their ancestors. But most importantly, blessed to be able to facilitate a deep connection to and love of Scotland in other members of the Scots Diaspora. 

If  you have Scottish ancestry, consider giving yourself the gift of a lifetime, a gift of rootedness, a gift of feeling whole. Join me in Glasgow for a genealogy research tour with opportunities to research at the Mitchell Library, the Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society and the Lanarkshire Family History Society. 

For more information:

Friday, 21 September 2018

Space Opens for Glasgow Tour 2019

I have had a person who had signed up for the Glasgow Tour write to say she has had to cancel because her granddaughter is getting married and the wedding date is during the time of the Glasgow Tour.

That now opens a space for Glasgow 2019. If you are interested in joining us, you may want to act quickly. This space will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis and likely won't last long.

For more info:

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Researching Families in the British Isles

This past week, I was in Philadelphia at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The week was a joint project of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History. This was "mini" institute of sorts, with each day being dedicated to a full day of talks on a particular subject. In many ways it was a taste of the British Institute that is offered every fall in Salt Lake City but arranged to give people on the east coast a chance for some intense learning opportunities. 

The four days were dedicated to four separate topics:

DNA and Genealogy presented by genetic genealogist Maurice Gleeson

Researching Scottish Ancestors by Christine Woodcock

Researching Irish Ancestors by Maurice Gleeson

Researching English Ancestors by Frank Southcott. Frank's day was shared with the HSP who shared the rich resources they have on hand for researching British Isles ancestors. 

The week was well attended and people enjoyed the opportunity to engage in some in depth learning about researching their ancestors from Ireland, Scotland, England as well as understanding the uses for DNA in tandem with their genealogical research. 

Monday, 13 August 2018

Book Your Celtic Genealogy Cruise Cabin for Just $100!

From now until August 18, 2018, you can book your cabin for a deposit of just $100 usd. This will secure your cabin. 

If you book a balcony cabin or a mini suite this week,  you will also get a FREE drinks package, worth $144 per day ($1728 for the cruise) which will actually pay for your upgrade from an inside or ocean view cabin.

Remaining cabins are limited. Don't lose out on this unique opportunity! 

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Could a Conference BE Any More Fun?

Today was the second and final day of the Celtic Connections Conference in Boston. People were slower to fill the breakfast room this morning. But that didn't lower the din of discussion about all that was learned yesterday, the connections made or the stories being shared. 

I had two talks today so the day went by in a bit of a whirlwind. I started out by attending Kyle Betit's talk on Finding Irish Ancestors in Canadian Records. It was really well done and in the hallway after there was lots of chatter about "I never thought of looking in..." Right after that, it was my turn to present. I spoke on the historical events that led to waves of migration of Scottish Highlanders to the US. 

Then it was lunch time. We were entertained by Sharon Kennedy relaying the tale of the Strike for Bread and Roses. It was brilliantly done. From lunch I was at a book signing along with John Grenham. And before I knew it, it was the last time slot of the day and I was up once again. The crowds had certainly waned and we were a very small intimate group to hear about the wealth of records available for Scottish research if you just Step Away From Your Computer. The genealogy gems in the libraries, archives and family history centres is proof that your Scottish ancestors really are waiting on the shelves for you to discover them. 

The conference concluded with the announcement that no final decision has been made for the location of the 2020 conference, with both Chicago (a clear favourite) and Minnesota being considered and explored. 

The conference wound up with a pub quiz night. And what a fun evening it was. We were divided into teams to answer 5 rounds of questions about all things Celtic. Our team came in third. Not a shabby showing at all. 

 The Celtic Queen

The judges adjudicate

The winning team were the "Undecideds" with Audrey Collins and Donna Moughty. 

Second place went to "Ireland's Best" with John Grenham. 

The final round was a one question, each to their own round. All of the people who had the correct answer were put into the bin and the winning name was drawn from there. YAY ME!! 

Once again, thank you to TIARA and the IGSI and the combined committee for a job well done. Not only did people come together to learn and to connect, as they do with every conference, but in true Celtic fashion, they came together to have fun and enjoy life. As the Scottish saying goes "you're a long time dead". Enjoying the moments and the kinship is the fuel of life and I was so blessed to be with a group of people who were able to do just that. Laughter was abundant over the course of the weekend and is the one thing I will remember most about my time in Boston at the Celtic Connections Conference. 

Celtic Connections Conference

I am delighted to be part of the roster of speakers at this year's Celtic Connections Conference in Boston. The conference is organized by TIARA and while primarily focused on Irish research, also provides learning opportunities for researchers who have Scottish or Welsh ancestry. 

The day started yesterday with a continental breakfast. Then it was on to the talks that were on offer. Lunch allowed people to gather to reflect on their learning, share research findings or talk about their heritage. We had wonderful entertainment to energize us for the afternoon. 

Friday evening was the banquet. Dinner was wonderful and full of conversation about the day. Many new resources for finding ancestors had been discovered during the day's talks. 

Our after dinner entertainment was just fantastic. It reminded me of a good old fashioned Cape Breton Ceilidh. Perhaps the best part was the fun that the singers were having. Their joy was infectious. 

After the banquet, some of the speakers collected in the hotel bar for conversation, collaboration and to connect. 

Congratulations to TIARA and the Conference Committee for a job well done.