Saturday, 17 May 2014

Clava Cairns

The pre-historic Balnuaran of Clava Cairns are more than 4000 years old, older than the pyramids.

The North-East Cairn, a well-preserved passage cairn. The cairn is aligned to the mid-winter solstice. This cairn likely only housed one body.

Standing stones surround the cairn as protection. These standing stones were added much later.

The central ring cairn:


The central cairn is a circle with no opening or passage. It is thought that this was likely a fire ring where ceremonies were held in conjunction with the burials in the two passage cairns.

This kerb cairn was added most recently (3000 years ago) and may have originally provided an outline for a low earth mound:

South-west passage cairn. This cairn is another example of a passage cairn and it too is aligned to the mid-winter solstice.

Overview of all of the clava cairns:

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