Friday, 2 May 2014

Over the Ocean

 I recently came across my junior jet club log book for BOAC. This was to be a record of our crossings from our new lives in Canada back home to Scotland to reconnect with family. 
At some point we forgot to take the log book so the recording of memories stopped. But the actual memories linger. I was too young to recall how long the crossing actually took, but I recall having to stop and refuel. From Canada to Sciotlnd, we stopped in Iceland (on one occasion it was greenland) and on the return trip it we refuelled in Labrador. We stayed on the plane at each refuelling. Headwinds and tailwinds caused travel time to be lost or gained. 

By the time I was in my late teens and traveling solo, planes were larger and more fuel efficient and flights were non stop. There was no longer talk of headwinds or tailwinds either since the engines were now able to adjust to accommodate. Pampering the passenger became the selling point for attracting customers. Wardair with its china plates, real silverware, warm towelettes and after eight mints won out as the favoured airline to travel. 

And then it became a matter of affordability. So now we cram in like sardines, pay extra for a blanket and tolerate plastic dishes, plastic cutlery and semi-plastic food. But we are willing to pay these costs in order to get home, to re-connect with loved ones, old memories and our beloved homeland.

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