Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day Five - Scotland's People Centre

We enjoyed a very productive day at Scotland's People Centre today. We spent the morning in a Family History session, learning about all of the records that are available, then we were able to tuck in and do some serious research.

The wonderful thing about being onsite, of course, is that we can view "modern" records - those too new to be available online. Once the daily search fee of £15 is paid, you are free to view as many records as you can manage. There is a very nominal fee to either photocopy the images or download them to a USB stick. I am at the stage where I need access to the newer records to add foliage to my tree, so spent a lot of time transcribing.

I found one inaccurate record, and one that allowed the puzzle to have a couple of new pieces added to the picture.
By 4:30 my head was swimming with keeping the Marys straight. We headed back to the hotel to re-charge.

At 6:30, it was time to leave for the Stables at Prestonfield and the Taste of Scotland Dinner Show.

We enoyed our choice of Orkney Clapshot Soup or Gamekeeper's Paté, followed by the main course of either braised beef or seafood:
Salmon, hake and Finnan haddie in Mornay sauce and encased in puff pastry
Dessert was a very light raspberry Chranancan

Following dessert, we were treated to a solid two hours of Scottish music (pipes, drums, accordion, fiddle and keyboard)

song (by Scotland's Three Tenors accompanied by female vocalist Brigid Mhairi)

and dance (The Wee Highlanders and Prestonfield Dancers)

enhanced with video of some of the most stunning scenery in Scotland. The songs also gave a glimpse into the rich and embattled history of Scotland. Just prior to intermission, the haggis was piped in and host Cailean McLean addressed and then toasted the haggis.

During intermission, the audience had the opportunity to sample some haggis, bashed neeps and champit tatties

There was also the opportunity for audience participation during the Gay Gordon's, a sing-a-long and for Auld Lang Syne

The Taste of Scotland Show reminded me of Hogmanay parties at my mum and dad's. For anyone with Scottish ancestry, the Taste of Scotland Show is a must see.


  1. Looks absolutely wonderful, Chris. So not jealous, or at least trying.........

  2. So pleased that you enjoyed the show. I found your blog while doing a quick search for my name, lol! Getting ready for the show again this year, should be really good. xx

  3. Looking forward to seeing the show again in May, Brigid! It really is spectacular.