Saturday 9 January 2010

A new piece of the puzzle

My granddad had a brother, Hugh, who went to America and never returned. Lots of stories about him. He died young. I'm not sure what possessed me, but I went looking for his death record in California. I found the index and sent away for the actual certificate. The certificate arrived last week and raised many more questions than it answered. By the time of his death – 9 years after a newspaper article where he was managing a barbershop, drycleaners and turkish baths, his death certificate lists his occupations as  a"janitor” and  states that he died of an accident. His means of death “drunk cleaning fluid” I read that and thought “what the hell??” There was an inquest and a coroner’s report. Now I am on a mission……… a mad dog with a bone………..crazy how it only takes one little thing for us to get this possessed………..hope when I am dead and gone 60 years, someone has this passion about my records……….

I have also since discovered his immigration records AND a record of my granddad coming to Canada   We were always told he went to Detroit in the USA. Well, he may have, but he was in Canada first! Now I absolutely MUST visit Pier 21 when we are in Nova Scotia this summer.