Sunday, 20 May 2012

Dynamic Day

The day started out with me wondering if I should go back to bed and start again...... however, once we left the hotel, all was soon forgotten and we were once again immersed in all that there is to see and do in Edinburgh. We walked down to Grassmarket. The Royal Mile was closed off to traffic for the Hearts parade. We caught the tour bus down to the bridges but on our way, we stopped at Dynamic Earth. We had been here 5 years ago - the last time the kids were in Edinburgh - and had enjoyed it. We had an amazing time. It really is one of the best educational attractions.

We went into the time capsule back millions of years to the beginning of time

We learned about volcanic formations and their impact on the ever changing earth. We learned about dinosaurs, glaciers, and the rain forest.

And we were treated to a 3D movie

We had a great couple of hours before it was time to head out to our next adventure - a trip down the Firth of Forth to see the bridges from the water.

Then it was back to the hotel to check on the laundry, to grab a bite to eat and to recharge ourselves.

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