Friday 31 December 2021

#KiltedAnecestors for Year of Stories #YS2022


Join Clare Wilson and I on January 2 at 9 am in her Kilted Ancestors Facebook group. 

We ring in the new year with an overview of some of the #YS2022 drop in sessions we have on tap throughout the year to get you fired up and ready to share the stories of your Scottish ancestors. All of these events are free. Spread the word. The more the merrier. 


Monday 27 December 2021

Four Part Webinar Series on Scottish Research

Join me Thursday evenings in January for a four part webinar series:

January 6 - Getting Started with Scottish Research

January 13 - Navigating the ScotlandsPeople Website

January 20 - Brick Wall Busters for Scottish Research

January 27 - Preparing for a Genealogy Trip to Scotland

All webinars begin at 7 pm eastern. 

Wednesday 22 December 2021

30 Days Until the Final Scottish ViC


We are just a month away from the final Scottish ViC, a virtual conference for those researching their Scottish ancestors. This final conference has an historic perspective to it, and quite nicely also fits in with VisitScotland's themed year, Year of Scottish Stories. 


Jimmy Fisher runs Scottish Reformation Tours where he takes people to visit the places associated with the Martyrs who fought to keep their religion out of the hands of the King and in doing so lost their lives. Jimmy will share these stories with us during his presentation on the Covenanters.


Hugh Alison is the former manager of the Culloden Visitor Centre. He will be talking about the events leading up to the battle as well as the aftermath following the battle. This battle ended the highland way of life and ultimately led to the outflow of highlanders to north America.


Ciaran Jones will share with us some of the incredibly unimaginable stories that are contained within the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft Database. These were extraordinary times and yet many of the accused were quite ordinary folk. Come and hear about the database and the information contained within it.


Matthew J Smith will share with us the stories contained within the Legacy of British Slave Owners Database. Following abolition, merchants who had owned slaves were able to apply for compensation from the government for loss of property. The LBS project is now also working to understand and develop the stories of those who were enslaved.

The ViC will run from 9:15 eastern and wraps up at 3:30 eastern. Access to the recordings remains open for 30 days for those with time zone challenges. 

To register:

Tuesday 21 December 2021

Six eGuides in the Genealogy Tours Store


There are now 6 eGuides in the Genealogy Tours store. These guides are all in PDF format and immediately downloadable. All prices are in Canadian dollars. 

Start Searching Your Scottish Ancestors:

Everything you need to know to start researching your Scottish ancestors. Learn how not to waste credits on ScotlandsPeople. See the depth of information on Scottish documents. Understand the Scottish Naming Pattern and a bonus appendix of words commonly found on Scottish documents

Preparing for a Genealogy Trip to Scotland:

Preparation is the key to a successful genealogy research trip. In this comprehensive eGuide, you will learn what is needed in order to be prepared for success for researching your Scottish ancestors in Scotland.

Early Scots in Atlantic Canada:

Following the highland clearances, Scots began pouring into Atlantic Canada by the boatload. These Scots may have been escaping religious persecution, extreme poverty or simply looking for a better way of life for themselves and their families.

Scottish Settlers in Ontario:

After the American Revolution, the Crown declared that Ontario was open for settlement. A number of settlements were developed. Some were military settlements others were purchased by entrepreneurs who then sold the land to immigrants. Many of these immigrants or military men were Scottish. In this publication, we look at Glengarry, Lanark County, Baldoon, the Talbot Settlement, and the Huron Tract. We also look at the politics and power surrounding the Huron Tract.

Early Scottish Settlers in Canada: 

Following the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783, there was a strong effort by the Crown to promote emigration to Canada. Many of these early settlers in Canada, were from Scotland.

Researching HBC & Metis Ancestors:

The HBC began recruiting in Scotland in 1702. Orkneymen were recruited to work at York Factory and were indentured for a period of 5 years. Since women were not allowed, these men coupled with the indigenous women in the area, creating the Métis nation in Canada. This eGuide provides historical context as well as resources for researching your Scottish ancestors working for the HBC as well as resources for researching your Métis ancestors