Thursday 24 September 2020

'Draft' Schedule for November 28th ViC


Most of the presentations for November's ViC have been recorded so I have been able to set a draft schedule. There may be some minor adjustments to the timing, but these will really be minor.  

Here's the program as it stands now: 

8:30 - Gillebride MacMillan will get us started with an introductory Gaelic lesson 

9:45 - Lorna Steele's presentation will give us a look at the wealth of resources available through the Highland Archive Services 

11:00 - Alison Diamond will share the resources available within the Argyll Estate Papers 

We will take a lunch break following Alison's Q&A 

1:00 pm - Alexander Thomson will start the afternoon telling us about the Emigrants who left Cromarty and about the ships that they sailed on 

2:10 pm - Karly Kehoe will tell us about the Highland Scots who arrived in Nova Scotia 

We will take a short break after Karly's presentation 

3:30 pm - Paul Nixon will help us round out the afternoon with his presentation on Scottish Regiments 

5:05 pm - we finish up with Robert Howie of Historic Edinburgh Tours taking us on a virtual tour of Edinburgh and the sites associated with the Jacobites 

Access to the recordings of all 7 presentations will be available until January 10th. 

Registration is just $79cad for the day.  

You can register here:

Monday 7 September 2020



The Argyll Papers provide a wonderful glimpse into private Estate records. This fascinating collection might be able to shed light into the lives of your ancestors who lived in any of the lands owned by the Duke of Argyll.

Archivist Alison Diamond shares the history of the collection and then shares with us the various records that might be helpful specifically to the family history researcher. You can hear a snippet of her talk here:

Listen to Alison Here

Alison is one of seven presenters for the November 28th Scottish ViC. Other presenters and topics: 

  • Lorna Steele and the Highland Archive Service
  • Sandy Alexander and the Cromarty Emigrants
  • Paul Nixon and the Scottish Regiments
  • Karly Kehoe and the Highland Scots in Nova Scotia
  • Gillebride MacMillan will give us a lesson on Gaelic
Access to the recordings is available for 6 weeks following the ViC. 

Saturday 5 September 2020

Learn About the Highland Archive Services


The Highland Archive Services are a bit unique in that there are actually FOUR centres. The Highlands cover a very large land mass and as such, the records are spread across a number of miles. To be able to secure the large variety of collections, the Highland Archive Services have four centres rather than the usual one per council area.

The four centres are: 

  • Inverness (top left)
  • Lochaber in Fort William (bottom left)
  • Nucleus in Caithness (top right)
  • Skye in Portree (bottom right)

Each centre has a unique and diverse set of collections unique to the area in which they are situated but they also have common record sets such as Poor Relief, Schools, Valuation Rolls etc.


Highland Archive Service Community Engagement Officer gives this presentation and it is stellar. Here is an example from the presentation:


Lorna's presentation is just one of seven that will be shown on Saturday November 28th as part of the Scottish ViC's Highland Research Day, Saturday, November 28th, 2021.

Access to recordings is available for 6 weeks following the ViC.