Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day Two

After a restless, noise-filled sleep (the garbage men had their wheelie bins up and down the street as early as half three), it was time to start the day. Aftern checking out of the hotel, we headed down the street to the Glasgow Police Museum. This is another of the many free museums run by Glasgow City Council.

 Glasgow burgh in the UK to have police, this by an act of parliament, The Police Act of 1800. London was another 29 years in getting a police force established.

The museum has a number of badges and uniforms that span the history of the Glasgow Police as well as photos and testaments to some of the officers. There is an entire room dedicated to different police forces around the world, complete with uniforms and badges.
A couple of the more notorious crimes - murders - are also on display.
After the Police Museum, we headed over to the Scotland Street School Museum, which provides a wonderful history of education.

Scotland Street School

Girls entrance

Boys entrance

Infants entrance

Not only were there separate entrances for boys, girls and infants, but the floors were separated out according to age with the infants (4 & 5 year olds) on the main floor, primary students on the middle floor and senior students on the third floor.
This museum gives a wonderful history of education. The museum is in a former school, known as the Scotland Street School (being located on Scotland Street). Many of the children were from surrounding tenements. The building was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
The former classrooms are set up to depict different time periods in school history.

There is a very good display on school and in fact life in general during WWII

The Evacuation list was posted in the event that the air raid siren was sounded

Gas masks waiting at the ready
Child's gas mask

Letter sent to all school children by King George at the close of the war.
One of the classrooms was set up as the Cookery class and showed all of the stations where "home ec" was taught

The Cookery

Laundry Station

Mangle (Wringer)

The school also houses a number of artefacts from education over the decades:

Teacher's daily attendance book

Teaching Certificate

Hop Scotch in the hallway of Scotland Street School

Student's certificate of merit

Student report card

This was used to draw chalk lines on the chalkboard for teaching penmanship

Girls uniform

Boys uniform

The Scotland Street School Musuem provides a wonderful look at not just the history of education, but of history itself. They are curently working on an exhibit on Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the famed architect and architect of Scotland Street School.

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