Saturday 22 July 2017

Is a Celtic Genealogy Cruise on YOUR Bucket List?

I have been working behind the scenes with a couple of colleagues and we have been working to put together a Celtic Genealogy Cruise in 2019. The plan is for the cruise to take in Ireland and Scotland, and perhaps also England, depending on the port of departure. 

A Genealogy Cruise with Research Opportunities

Unlike other genealogy cruises, this cruise will allow for research at the local archives on the days when the ship is in port. The learning will happen on-board during time our at sea and then the research opportunity will happen in port. 

For the port of departure, learning about the records will happen ahead of time and extra days on land will be added to the cruise dates to allow for research at that port as well. 
Like the regular Genealogy Tours of Scotland, the cruise will take place in either the late spring or early fall.
If you don't have ancestors from any of the ports we dock at, you will be welcome to join a regular sightseeing cruise, offered by the cruise line, during the time the others will be at the archives.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for more details as they become available (dates, ports, cost etc), drop me an email and I will add you