Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day Eleven - Last Day of Research

Today was spent at the National Library. It is hard to believe that the trip is coming to an end. I could easily spend another week in the archives and research centres. But that will now need to wait until next year's trip.
We were shown a presentation of what the holdings of the NLS contain. The NLS is the leading centre for the study of Scotland and the Scots. There are British Directories (1773-1950), Industrial Histories, Publications of Scottish Clubs and Societies (including apprentice records, military records and various ephemera), WWI official photographs, Army, Navy & Airforce Lists (primarily officers or decorated soldiers), Family Histories, Emigration Lists, Matriculation Rolls, Newspapers and Old Maps.
After a brief tour, we were able to conduct some research. I was able to view an original hard copy of the Dalkeith Advertiser for 1955 and found an article in which my grandmother had been interviewed about the size of her family.

Some of the group returned to the Scottish Genealogy Society which is just down the street, or went to the Central Edinburgh Library across the street to finish up their research.

It has been a very productive trip. Lots of documents have been viewed, downloaded or copied. Blanks and spaces have been filled in and foliage has been added to our family trees. I can't wait to get back to Canada (well actually I can......) and start to put the family newsletter together so that I can share what has been found over the past 10 days.

I wish you all continued good luck in your search for your Scottish ancestors.


  1. Enjoyed reading your group's activities on their visit to Scotland. Maybe meet you next year.