Sunday 15 November 2020

Changes to November ViC Schedule

The day was starting to run quite late. So, we are going to start on Friday afternoon. The Jacobite History in Edinburgh presentation will now run at 3:30 pm on Friday, Nov 27th. This is eastern time. Robert will be available afterwards to answer any questions that you might have. 

There will only be the one presentation on the Friday. Then we will gather again on Saturday and start our day at 8:30 with Gillebride MacMillan giving us a Gaelic lesson. This presentation will be live. 

Following Gillebride, we will have the presentation by Professor Marjory Harper with her wonderful presentation where we actually hear from Scots who left Scotland. 

And we round the morning off with Lorna Steele from the Highland Archive Services. 

The afternoon will begin with Alison Diamond who is the archivist for the Duke of Argyll. 

Alison will be followed by Alexander Thomson who will tell us about the Highland Scots who left Scotland through the port of Cromarty and will tell us about the ships they sailed on.

And we finish up the day with British Military expert, Paul Nixon who will help us learn more about our ancestors who were in the Scottish regiments. 

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Friday 6 November 2020

Less Thank 3 Weeks to Register for Scottish ViC

Registration for the ViC ends on November 26th. That’s less than three weeks away. We have an amazing line up of presenters and topics and I am so excited to bring this level of education and talent to you

  • Gillebride MacMillan will teach us Gaelic
  • Professor Marjory Harper will share the voices of the Highland Diaspora
  • Lorna Steele will share the resources available through the Highland Archive Services
  • Sandy Thomson will tell us about the Emigrants left from the harbour at Cromarty
  • Alison Diamond give us a glimpse into the  records held within private collections and estate papers
  • Paul Nixon will help us track our Scottish ancestors who were in the military
  • Robert Howie will give us a lesson on the amazing Jacobite history of Edinburgh 

Access to the recordings are available for 6 weeks to allow you to revisit or to accommodate time zone issues. If you are on the east coast or in Aus or NZ you can join us during waking hours and return to watch the other presentations later. 

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Sunday 1 November 2020

Voices from the Scottish Diaspora: Highland Emigration to Canada in the Twentieth Century


Recently I had the honour of recording the presentation that Professor Marjory Harper is presenting for the November ViC. I was mesmerized. Actually hearing the voices of those who have emigrated, I was acutely aware that so much of what they were saying mirrored my own family's emigration story. 

The ViC is just a month away. Registration for the November ViC ends on Nov 26th. This allows me to ensure everything is ready for the 28th. The syllabus will be sent out ahead of the ViC so that you can read through and prepare questions for the presenters. 

If you haven't yet registered but want to, you can do so here: 

You will have access to the presentations for 6 weeks.