Monday, 11 September 2017

What a Difference a Day Makes

It's hard to believe that in 24 hours we went from being at Pearson airport to being in Dornoch. The time change made it seem longer, of course, but in reality, it was just day.

We enjoyed a pre-flight drink and dinner before we got boarded our flight.

Two short hours later, we were in Halifax for a layover. Another opportunity for a pre-flight drink. The plane was delayed 30 minutes to save us from having to hover over Glasgow for half an hour upon arrival.

Getting the aircraft ready for the overseas flight
The flight from Halifax to Glasgow was jam packed. Fortunately is was just under 5 hours, so quite manageable. Before we knew it, the sun was rising and we were landing in sunny  Glasgow. 

The Titan on the Clyde as we arrive in Glasgow
It was chucking rain when we arrived to the " good news, bad news" announcement that while we were on time, we were also getting stairs sent to the aircraft rather than being led up to an enclosed gate.

It was a quick trip through customs and a long walk to the restaurant for a full Scottish before heading out on our journey.

Full Scottish breakfast
We were en route to Dornoch, with Inverness being our first point of interest. The weather was truly Scottish weather, changing hourly - or in some instances, every five minutes. Drizzle, pitching rain, sun, overcast and the cycle began again. We had purchased tickets at the last minute to the Highland Tattoo in Inverness, but decided to give it a miss given the chance for more than just a drizzle.

Instead, we enjoyed a lovely meal and even lovelier natter at the Castle Tavern. Definitely a must stop if ever you find yourself in Inverness.

Steak and Ale pie

View from our table
We are stationed at the very lovely and very historic Dornoch Castle hotel. This was never really a castle, but rather the home of the bishop of Caithness. The castle dates from 1500 although has seen some wear thanks to the ever present clan feuds, this one between the McKays and the Murrays in 1570 when, in fact, the castle was set on fire. In the year of the Sutherland Clearances, the castle served as both a school and a jail. By 1860, the Castle was serving as the Courthouse and headquarters for the Sheriff of Sutherland.

Dornoch Castle
The Castle fell into disrepair but has been lovingly restored and now serves as a hotel and restaurant. The bar is large, cozy and has an award winning whisky bar (the gin isn't too bad, either.)

Guest room

Wee hidey hole for a dram on the way up the stairs
It has been a whirlwind but we are HERE. In Scotland. And loving every minute of it.

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  1. Great to hear you are all here, hope you have a profitable as well as enjoyable stay. Good luck!