Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Lyness - Scapa Flow Naval Base

We drove to Houton (6 miles from Stromness) and took the inter-island ferry across Scapa Flow to Hoy to learn more about Scapa Flow as a base for the British Navy during both world wars. 

The Visitor's Centre is a short walk from the ferry. The displays are inside the old pumphouse. The pumphouse played a critical role during the wars as it was necessary to keep a steady supply of fuel for the battleships. 

Inside the pumphouse are a number of artefacts complete with story boards

The operations table is set up and a " radio" plays a continuous loop of recalled memories from people who were part of the battles or witness to major events during the war years. It is quite fascinating to hear these first hand accounts.

In this same room are some wonderful pieces of ephemera including this 1939 National Identity Registration Card and Ration Book

After the second world war, the base at Lyness served as an operations centre for the salvaging crews that worked to salvage the German Fleet

Also visible from the Museum are the collection of buildings from Rinnighill. Rinnighill was the operations and training centre that supported the troops at Lyness. 

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