Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Through Hell and High Water

The ferry ride from Scrabster to Stromness was quite the ride. I knew, looking at the sea during our drive that we were going to be in for a rough one but was not prepared for just how rough it would be. We literally came through Hell and High Water. The usual ninety minute ferry ride turned to two and a half hours. The captain did say that it would be rough for the first 20 minutes and suggested that we remain in our seats. Twenty minutes turned to at least an hour. I lasted about 10 minutes then realized I needed to be horizontal and would be spending the rest of the journey battling my stomach to keep it's content intact. 

I found a bench seat and laid down. I could feel the front of the boat rising up out of water then slamming back down and slapping against the waves. Apparently this is where 2 tides meet, causing the roughest seas in Europe. Fortunately there was a table to hold onto to keep me on the bench and not rolling onto the floor with every rise and fall of the boat. 

The good news is that the last forty five minutes or so were fairly smooth and I was once again able to sit upright. I have never been so glad to see land and lose my very unsteady sea legs. 

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