Sunday, 17 September 2017

Fife - On An Ancestral Hunt

The ancestral journey continues as Lynne's maternal side hail from Fife. Although the house itself no longer exists, we were able to see the houses that remain on the same street in Buckhaven. Lynne's granny often talked of paddling in the Firth of Forth and seeing how close she was to the sea, it was easy to imagine her floating about in the waves. The street, aptly named Shore Street, follows the coast line. Buckhaven has done a wonderful job of making people aware of their history with several plaques and storyboards throughout the town. 

We visited the site where Lynne's granny would have attended primary school, the school now replaced by a park. We were able to see the primary school her granddad attended and found the street he had grown up on as well. Granny and Grandad were only a street away so it wasn't hard to understand how they might have met. 

The library has a lovely museum upstairs that we were able to visit and the librarian guided us to the cemetery where Lynne's ancestors would be buried. A bit more work needs to be done to locate exact graves or headstones. 

From Buckhaven, we drove through to Anstruther to see the Scottish Fisheries Museum to give Lynne a better understanding of the life her great grandparents lived. I had toured the museum in May and was surprised to see how many new displays there were. 

We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Boathouse and then made our way back to Edinburgh, stopping in South Queensferry where Ed had a chance to see the magnificence of engineering up close. 

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