Thursday, 12 October 2017

Project GB1900 Needs Help!

The team at GB1900 needs people to help complete the project. They are working to preserve the place names on old ordnance maps and have been running a crowdsourcing project to get this much needed work done. 

The project is wrapping up (January 8th, 2018). All of the place names have been transcribed, but volunteers are needed to verify the transcriptions. In an effort to get this moving, the team have put together a fun little incentive. Here's the info from their latest newsletter:

We need to finish up GB1900 and we realise that it is getting harder and harder to find new “pins” to create. We also know that the current leader board no longer provides the right incentive, as we now mainly need confirmations and most of you can only improve your ranking by creating new pins.

We can’t change the leader board within GB1900, and want to go on using it to recognise the contributors who have made the greatest long term contribution to the project. However, we are adding a separate system to reward those who do most in these final months:

These final months will be a kind of treasure hunt, searching out the last few names on the maps, so it is appropriate we pay you in Doubloons. Each week we will pay out one MILLION Doubloons.

Public Domain,

Half of those Doubloons will be paid for doing confirmations, and half for new pins. Each week they will be divided up between all volunteers active that week according to how many of each kind of task you have done. It is already much harder to find new names, so the amount we pay for each one will be greater — but we pay you for a new pin only when it is confirmed.

As the weeks go by, both kinds of task will get harder, so the amount we pay for each one will go up. We would not be surprised if in December we pay out the whole weekly amount for a single new pin.

We are back-dating this system to the 1st of September, when we announced that the project would be winding up. These are the numbers of new pins and confirmations for each week since, and the resulting payments. 

We recognise that as piracy has been stamped out on the Spanish Main, Doubloons are no longer legal tender. However, the five contributors ending up with the most Doubloons will instead receive a bespoke, site-centred printed copy of the Six Inch map of their choice, a warm welcome and behind the scenes tour to view selected map treasures, and a free cup of tea if they can make their way to either of the National Libraries to receive it. We will do the same for the five contributors who are topping the existing leader board.

Doubloons, tea and a behind the scenes tour! What more could a genealogist ask for? 

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