Monday, 8 May 2017

Snow Paws


 I was recently invited to view a new collection of shoes - SNOW PAW - and asked to give a review. 

I was given a pair of shoes (of my choosing) in exchange for a review of the shoes as well as the opportunity to wear the shoes so others can see what they look like. I chose the dockers with a HoundsTooth check. 
The shoes are soft and supple. There is a very healthy tread which will allow me to wear them several months of the year. While the shoes are not made to be waterproof, they are water resistant, with the water beading off of them rather than soaking in. So, I can wear them in a mild mist, but they wouldn't fare as well in a downpour.

The inside of the shoes are very soft and very comfortable and my first "ahhhh" was noticing the arch support.

I walked a couple of miles after putting the shoes on and had no blisters and no sore spots. Truly a comfortable fit. 
The brogues are quite popular and look every bit as durable as the Dockers. These are on my shopping list and I plan to pick up a pair on the weekend. The Buffalo Leather uppers are nicely paired with hand woven Harris Tweed, making them a nice change from standard brogues. These wear well with anything and will get a great deal of use during my talks, exhibit hall days and travel. Brogues are available for both men and women. 
The Snow Paw collection started with the button boot. These are similar in style to Uggs. The boots can be worn tall with a lovely button accent, or rolled down to wear as an ankle boot. The uppers are water resistant suede. The legs are hand woven Harris Tweed and the linings are sheep skin. 

Snow Paws bags

Kids boots

If you are interested in having a look, click the SHOP NOW button below. You do NOT need to buy. However, if you choose to buy, you can use the code TOURGUIDE  at check out to get a 10% discount. International shipping is available!

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