Monday, 8 May 2017

A Busy Week of Research

This week has flown by for the Edinburgh Genealogy Tour. The group has had four full days of research. Two full days at the ScotlandsPeople Centre where they have been able to find Old Parish Registers, Statutory birth, marriage and death records, census rolls and valuation rolls. As well they have been able to consult the Kirk Session records to determine paternity, discover illegitimacy and learn about other immoral behaviours. 

The group has also had two full days at the National Library. Some participants have been able to see exactly where their ancestors lived on the maps that were consulted. Everyone learned about the phenomenal variety of records available for family history research and others were able to look through the Sutherland Estate records. 

A few of the participants went to the Glasgow City Archives on Saturday and were amazed at the depth of information that they found on their Glasgow ancestors. Cemetery and Lair records, Trades records, City Directories and Poor Law records. 

A few participants traveled to the part of Scotland where their ancestor lived and were delighted to be able to walk the streets, visit cemeteries or research in local family history societies. 

Yet others took the time to enjoy the amazing sights, history and culture of Edinburgh. 

We have one full day of research left at the ScotlandsPeople Centre tomorrow after which we will get the chance to indulge in our Scottish heritage at the Taste of Scotland Show. 

Then it will be time to say goodbye as we prepare to return home with certificates, books, maps, photographs and fond memories. 

There is ONE space left for the spring 2018 Genealogy Tour to Scotland. No fall tours will be offered in 2018. 

Here's your chance: 

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