Monday, 25 March 2019

Jamaica Inn

Following my guided tour of Dartmouth, I made my way to Cornwall, to the Bodmin Moor where I had a private tour of the Jamaica Inn by owner, Allen Jackson. 

The Inn, high on the Bodmin Moor, dates from 1750 and was a favourite haunt of smugglers. The Inn was made famous by Daphne du Maurier, who stayed at the Inn and subsequently wrote a book about it.

The hotel boasts 36 rooms. 10 in the old part of the Inn and 26 new rooms.

Room three is the Daphne du Maurier room, where she had stayed while at the Inn.

Room 5 is said to be haunted by 13 year old Madeline. Guests leave treasures for Madeline so she won't feel lonely. This basket of toys has been in the wardrobe for years.

In addition to the hotel and restaurant, there is a museum which includes displays of Daphne du Maurier who spent time in the Inn, which inspired her book, Jamaica Inn.

And several displays to do with smuggling, which was an important part of Plymouth and Cornwall history.

I was treated to dinner in the bar and was then joined by Allen who shared some amazing stories of serendipity. He really was delightful.

As I was leaving the Inn, the mist was beginning to fall on the moor, making it very atmospheric

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