Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Oh Dornoch!

Once I arrived in Edinburgh, I hired a car and started my way north - Destination: Orkney. Orkney has been on my bucket list for a while now. But rather than flying in, I chose to drive so that I could also spend some time in the Highlands.

My destination the first night was a B&B in Tain. The next day I was up, had breakfast and was off. My first stop was Dornoch. I discovered that the heritage museum, Historylinks, has put together an historic walking tour with waymarks.

I was able to visit the Cathedral

Sarcophagus of Sir Richard DeMoravia, brother of Gilbert, the Cathedral's founder

 Dornoch Cathedral Charter 1223

The remnants of the old Castle, now an upscale hotel and restaurant

 And the old Jail, now a boutique shop

Dornoch had an Inn that provided a temporary home for those who had been cleared from the Sutherland Estate

I was also able to visit the stone marker that marks the spot where the last witch was executed in Scotland. Although the stone reads 1722, the execution actually occurred in 1729 and 9 years after the execution, punishment by death for witchcraft was rescinded. 

I spent far more time in Dornoch than I had planned, but the history was too absorbing to leave without seeing it!


  1. AgainBeautiful I really enjoy history,especially Scots and English,I must have lived there in My former Life !!

  2. Interested in your comment about the inn being a temporary home. Could you please tell me more. Thanks