Monday, 23 May 2016

Nightmare Averted

Everything was in neat little piles, ready to be packed in suitcases. Money had been exchanged (thanks to today being a bank holiday). Itineraries, lists and confirmation were printed. The excitement was building. Just 24 hours until my flight to Scotland. 

Up popped a notification from the WestJet app letting me know my flight was just 24 hours away. I could now "check-in" I clicked on the invite to see a notice that the flight had been cancelled! 
Surely not. Opened the laptop, onto the WestJet website. It was true. The flight HAD been cancelled. 

As a seasoned traveler I generally go with the flow when things go wrong, and chalk the experience up as being part of the adventure. Not this time. This time I completely unraveled. 

After a frantic hour on the phone, I was rebooked onto an earlier flight. A longer stop over and a bit of chaos but I will still make it to London on time to catch my connecting flight, be on time to pick up the car I have reserved and can still make it to the hotel that had been booked and paid for. 

Needless to say my night was almost non-existent with making sure everything that still needed to get done actually got done. 

Arrived at the airport with lots of time to spare. First on the agenda, a long, cold pint of craft ale! 

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