Saturday, 29 April 2017

Edinburgh Medical School's Museum of Anatomy

Fantastic visit to the Museum of Anatomy this afternoon. Part of the Medical School it is an absolutely fascinating place to visit. Photos are not allowed throughout most of the museum - including the skulls of Robert Burns, William Burke - the death masks or the skeletal remains. But we were able to photograph the dissection theatre where people would pay to watch autopsies. They received drinks and snacks upon arrival and if they didn't like the lecture that went along with the dissection, they threw peanuts at the surgeon.

Beautiful ceiling in the entryway to the medical school's arch

Lecture theatre where dissections used to take place

Looking up from the dissection theatre
This door now leads to equipment storage
but in the days of the dissections,
this was the door that the bodies were brought into the theatre
 by after they were retrieved from the freezer

The ceiling was once glazed glass, allowing direct light into the room 
and onto the dissection table

Painting depicting a dissection

This skull collection on the main floor is open to photography. The skull on the top right is the skull of Robert Burns and is marked with his surname

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