Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Start Your Family History Week 2015 - Day 4

NOW you are ready to do some research online. Start with the free websites. FamilySearch really is the best place to start. 

First search through the "records" rather than through the genealogies that have been submitted. The records will be far more accurate since the information is extracted from the documents. Search for the missing pieces of the people you already have in your tree. Then start branching out sideways (filling in the details for all of the children of your ancestors). Then you can start searching backwards. 

If you are researching Canadian genealogy, the Library and Archives Canada website is also free!

Remember to document the details of where you got your information, just like you did when you started your tree. This really is a key piece of producing an accurate family tree. 

Next, sign up for the free trials at Ancestry and Find My Past.

Be careful that you cancel these subscriptions on day 14 so you won't be charged for subscriptions that you might not want or need. 

Have fun with these sites. Look for records that you might not be able to access otherwise. Take advantage of the breadth and scope of records available. If you feel that you might enjoy a subscription for a year, then by all means, treat yourself. 

TOMORROW you will be ready to upload your tree. NOT yet, though. Just search for records, add details to your current tree and document the sources. 

Happy Searching!

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