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January 23, 2016

Use code BOOTCAMP at checkout. Make sure you use the caps lock. No spaces.

This genealogy boot camp will give you an in-depth look at how to begin your Scottish genealogy research.
This webinar will be held in two parts.

The first part is 90 minutes in length and looks at Scottish research, where to look for the records you are seeking, as well as a detailed look at the ScotlandsPeople website and will walk you through the use of the site in a way that will help you to get results that are of importance to you and to use the information you get in your research to help narrow the results, meaning fewer wasted credits for you.

The second half is an hour and gives a detailed look at the local libraries and archives in Scotland and what they have to offer you as you search for your Scottish ancestors.

FREE CREDITS will be available to everyone who attends. Handouts will also be available so you don't need to worry about taking detailed notes.!/Scottish-Genealogy-Boot-Camp-Live-Webinar-JAN-23-2016/p/57663364/category=15642145

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