Saturday, 5 December 2015

Sharing Family Photos and Sparking Memories

Perhaps the best genealogy tool I own is the FlipPal Scanner. It is light-weight, fully portable, and durable. This little scanner allows me to scan photos in seconds. I can take it to Scotland without having to worry about remembering adapters. The scanner runs on batteries. I can scan original photos and leave the original with the owner. People are only too happy to share if they can keep the photo they treasure. This allows me to scan 300 photos in just over an hour.

I have been able to visit one aunt and scan her photos, pop the SD card into my laptop to transfer the pictures and then share them with everyone else I visit on my trip. 

Remember in the days when the old photos were taken, copies weren't readily made and shared. Some of the photos I have scanned are being seen and shared for the very first time, thanks to FlipPal. 

For US orders there is free standard shipping on all orders over $149.

I guarantee your genealogy or scrapbooking enthusiast will LOVE this under their Christmas tree.

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