Sunday, 27 December 2015

Start Your Family History Week 2015 - Day 2

Now that you have the details for the first five generations, you are ready to round out the stories for as many of the ancestors as you can. 

Information to add to round out the family history:

  • What schools people attended
  • Where they worked
  • Where they met their spouses
  • Where they lived, who they lived near
Next add memories:

What family members they were closest to growing up?
Did they have any pets? 
Did they share a bedroom or have their own? 
Did they have any special interests? (Dance, sports, music lessons)
Where did they vacationed as kids?
Who their friends were as kids?
How they celebrated special occasions like Easter, Birthdays, Christmas?
What things did the family like to do together? (Play games, sing, go bowling)

Feel free to add in your own questions. As the family historian, it is up to you to record the memories of the past so that future generations might know their stories. 

Happy writing!

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