Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Our Last Day in Quartermile

Sadly, we needed to check out of the hotel in Quartermile today. I had pre-booked us into the Old Waverly when we were supposed to be returning from Orkney. Since the pre-booking is pre-paid and non-refundable (the downside of using Expedia), we had no choice but to pack up and head to Princes Street. While the Old Waverly may have some prestige, it has little else in the way of functionality or useful amenities for todays traveller. The nearest parking is 8 blocks away - up and down a hill - in a car park in the city centre. There is no drop off zone - although the host thought perhaps I could pull into the bus zone and run round the corner and up 20 steps to ask the concierge to come and assist us unload.

The other hotels we have stayed at have been "apartHotels" meaning they have kitchenettes. Not the Waverly. The WiFi is not free - which it is nearly everywhere else on the planet. No public access to computers. Breakfast is not included and the fee for the breakfast is not a nominal charge, but rather a nice £12. Shell shock at being in the City. However, we are in the heart of it here, so that must mean something.

Before we left Quartermile, we went to the National Museum:

Then we went to the Castle and Heather bought herself two lovely kilts. Both in Heather purple. One plaid the other tweed.

There is always something to see in Edinburgh:

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