Monday, 14 May 2012

Day 10 - Scottish Genealogy Society

Today was spent at the Scottish Genealogy Society. It was another very productive day. While most of my ancestors were too poor to be able to afford a headstone, my father's line seemed to manage a bit better. I was able to see the MIs for Mid Calder Cemetery and found the headstone for my great grandparents and three of their daughters. I was also able to find the headstone for another of their daughters. These were particularly heart warming for me since this was the line of the family I worked on during my first day at the Scotlands People Centre, and the ones who lived in Mid Calder, where I enjoyed a drive out in the country last week to get a better sense of the village.

In the Kirk o Shotts MIs I was able to find two ancestors. Interestingly one of the headstones doesn't list two of the people also buried in the same grave.

On my way back to the hotel, I stopped off at the National Library to order the newspaper I want to have a look at tomorrow and to get my card. The newspaper is in hard copy, rather than microfilm, which will be interesting to read.

Now to get ready for tonight's dinner at The Tower.

Happy Researching!

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