Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day Three - Edinburgh

While on the research part of the trip, we are housed at the brand new Residence Inn by Marriott in Quartermile. The hotel is on the property of what once housed the Royal Infirmary, and more specifically on the grounds where Simpson Maternity Hospital once stood. The rooms are large and spacious and set up as apartments, complete with a mini kitchen (fridge, microwave and dishwasher), desk to be used as a work area, queen sized beds, sofa, and chair. There is loads of table space, which is unusual for a hotel. The large closet has built in drawers and it feels easy to "live" here for a couple of weeks, since we certainly don't feel as though we are living out of a suitcase. The rooms are all equipped with WiFi and a 32" flat screen tv. Breakfast is available every morning - both hot and cold foods. The Residence Inn is the perfect choice of a home away from home. Centrally located. Clean, spacious rooms that allow for the long stay if necessary and very helpful staff:

The area of Edinburgh known as Quartermile is so named because it is located one quarter of a mile from Edinburgh Castle.

We are about two blocks from Greyfriars Kirkyard and cemetery, made famous by the story of Greyfriar's Bobby.

Greyfriars Kirk is built on the site of an old Fransciscan Friary. The kirk was built in 1620 and there has been Christian worship held there ever since (nearly 400 years). The graveyard out back has some of the oldest stones in Edinburgh. The cemetery was created prior to the kirk. The older monuments are along the back wall of the adjacent tenements

and are a testament to some of the most important figures in Edinburgh's history

The graveyard is eerily serene given that it is located in a very busy section of a very busy city.

Around the western edge of the cemetery is the remnants of the old city Wall, known as the Flodden wall which was built in 1513 to keep the English at bay.
The kirk is also worth a visit. Not only is it nearly 400 years old, but it was the first kirk in Edinburgh to house a pipe organ.

Edinburgh is a vibrant city. It is rich in history. Greyfriars is just one small example.


  1. So great to see Greyfriars again! And the hotel looks perfect.

  2. Fabulous photos, Christine. How gorgeous to have the time to walk around so much of the old town. Enjoy!

  3. Amazing photos! I'm loving the spiral staircase! Would love to get one of those in my house but my dogs would to too scared to come up lol! Great post!