Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Canadian Descendants of the Ship Hector Passengers WANTED

BBC Scotland is on the lookout for Scottish-Canadians descendant from the ship the Hector. On September 15th 1773, the vessel landed at Brown’s Point in Pictou in Nova Scotia. The tired three-masted cargo vessel had almost not made it, overcoming terrible sickness and epic sea storms. The historic voyage was one of the earliest which marked the beginnings of a massive wave of immigration from Scotland that would shape the future of North America.

The BBC is keen to hear any personal stories from any Canadians or Americans descendant from those who boarded the ship in Scotland in 1773.

You can contact the programme’s researcher Nadine Lee by e-mail nadine.lee02@bbc.co.ukor by phone +0144 1224 384 816.

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