Sunday, 25 September 2016

A Busy Week of Research

It is amazing how quickly the week passes when the group is immersed in research. We have attended a talk at the Scottish Genealogy Society on the Poor Law Records in East Lothian. We have had two full days at the ScotlandsPeople Centre and two full days at the National Library of Scotland. 

Some of the participants have gone to the Scottish Genealogy Society to do research. Others have gone to local archives, family history societies or libraries in the area where their ancestors lived. 

Most of the participants have gone to visit the streets where their ancestors walked, the churches where their ancestors worshipped and the graveyards where their ancestors are buried. 

We have taken part in historic walking tours of both Greyfriar's Cemetery and of the Old Town of Edinburgh. Many participants have visited the Castle, the National Museum, Edinburgh Cemeteries and the Royal Museum. Others have visited the highlands and islands. We have made connections, gained a deeper understanding of the lives of our ancestors and felt at home in our ancestral homeland of this bonnie, bonnie country. 

We have two full days left. And we plan to pack in as much as we can. 

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