Saturday, 19 July 2014

Give Yourself the Gift of Heritage - Join Us For An Ancestral Trip to Scotland

Most of us are at a stage of our lives now where we can focus less on family and work and more on ourselves. To some it has been a long time coming. So, now that time is less of a constraint, why not give yourself the gift of connecting with your ancestral heritage?

Come to Scotland. Take time in the archives. Research your roots. Tour your ancestral

villages, towns, graveyards. Learn the history and culture. Feel more connected, more

rooted. Create a memory of a lifetime. Bring a friend or partner along to share the journey.

Non-genealogy partners travel for half price.


When You Join a Genealogy Tour of Scotland, You Get:


v     Pre-tour webinar on Scottish Genealogy Research

v     Pre-tour webinar on Planning For a Research Trip to Scotland

v     Pre-tour assistance to make the most of your time in Scotland

v     Pre-tour package of information to assist with your research planning

v     9 nights in a centrally located hotel where you will get the sense of living in Scotland

v     Breakfast every day

v     A Family History Talk at ScotlandsPeople Centre

v     A Family History Talk at the National Library of Scotland

v     5 days of dedicated research time where staff are expecting you and are ready to assist

v     Transportation to and from the research facilities

v     Time to visit the area where your ancestor lived in Scotland and assistance to plan this

v     25% discount at Borders Journeys Ancestral Tours

v     Time to research in a local archive, family history society or library

v     The chance to experience a Ceilidh and indulge your Scottish heritage

v     Transportation to and from the Ceilidh

v     Optional historic evening tours in Old Town Edinburgh

v     A great way to connect with your Scottish ancestors

v     Memories to last a lifetime


Why not join a tour to research your roots and discover your heritage?


The April 2015 tour includes registration at the Scottish Association of Family History Societies annual conference to be  held in Stirling.


There is also the opportunity to attend the Who Do  You Think You Are Live event in Birmingham, scheduled for the three days prior to the Genealogy Tour of Scotland.


Spaces are limited! Book now at:

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