Monday, 6 May 2013

Merchant City Glasgow

After a wonderful blether with the cabbie between the airport and the hotel, we arrived in Merchant City. We chose to stay in this area based on our ancestry. After being asked to speak at the Fairfax (Virginia) Genealogical Society's spring conference next year (, I paid particular attention to the relationship the Merchant City area has with Virginia thanks to this being the location of the Tobacco Lairds.


This particular area of Glasgow had a great deal to do with trading and any businesses associated with trading - a metal rendering factory (the Forge), carpets and textiles, tobacco and sugar.
We walked over to the People's Palace and once again viewed the architecture of the Dalton Fountain, dedicated to the British Commonwealth.

And then wandered over to view St Andrew's Suspension Bridge which connects Glasgow Green to Hutchesontown.

This is the same bridge that ancestors crossed on a daily basis to work at Templeton's Carpet Factory.

Once again we became acutely aware of what an awesome and humbling feeling it is to walk where our ancestors walked.

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