Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Walk Through Grassmarket

The hotel is ideally situated for walking to the Scottish Genealogy Society and to the National Library. It is also only a quarter of a mile to Edinburgh Castle from here

and across the street are the stairs leading down to Grassmarket.

The Grassmarket has such a deep and intriguing history and I love wandering through. Last night I was able to share the historical secrets with the group as we not only walked down to and through Grassmarket, but stopped for a meal.


The Grassmarket was an actual market, a place of business and gossip. It would have been littered with hawkers and buyers, tenents and visitors. It would have been loud and at times likely chaotic. The stalls would have been decorated with the daily Broadsides carrying the scandalous news of the day. And, those with a penchant for the wrong side of the law, would have met with their death on this rock where the public hangings took place.

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