Monday, 20 May 2013

History From A Genealogy Perspective

We all see the world from our own unique perspective. And much of that perspective is based on life experience: education, career, hobbies, situations we have lived through, books we have read. While trawling about Glasgow and Edinburgh recently, I found that even some unlikely things can be seen as "genealogy". I know that there is an entire specialty in the field of genealogy regarding tracing house histories. It involved pouring over land documents and deeds. But just look at how the genealogy of these buildings can be discovered just by reading the door jamb:

Similarly, the entire "genealogy"of the Order of the Thistle is documented on these walls in St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh:

Lots of information on the genealogy of both the buildings and the Order of the Thistle. Not quite sure how you cite "written on the wall" as a source, however!

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