Sunday, 17 March 2019

#Mayflower400 Immingham

Following my very full day in Lincoln, I headed to Immingham to learn of the importance of this community within the larger Pilgrim story. 

As it turns out, Immingham played quite a key role. In 1608, the Pilgrims had made their way to Boston where they had secured a ship to take them to the new world. Unfortunately, the captain of the ship betrayed them, and prior to their arrival had alerted the authorities. Once the pilgrims were on board the ship, he once again contacted the authorities and said he had the pilgrims on his ship and they could come and get them. The Pilgrims were arrested, stripped of their belongings and taken to the magistrate. In the end, all but the seven ring leaders were let go. The seven were jailed at Boston Guildhall and the rest made their way some 60 miles north to Immingham. 

From here they were to board a ship to Holland where they could live with more freedom. Once again, the authorities got wind of their intent and a decision was very quickly made for the men to board the ship and leave. The women and children stayed behind. They walked up from the river to St Andrew's Church where they took refuge in the church's porch. While the documentation regarding what actually happened with the women and children during their time in Immingham is scarce, there is an understanding that the people of this tiny hamlet were quite sympathetic. In many ways, the women and children were an embarrassment to the authorities and they too, seemed to want to just ignore this large group. In time, the women and children joined the men in Leiden. 

Immingham is key in the story because it is the place from whence the Pilgrims actually left the country. As well, it is key in that it was a place of shelter for the women and children who were left behind. 

Immingham celebrated their quartercentenery in 2008, 400 years after the men left England and headed for refuge in Leiden. 

Across the street from the church is Pilgrim Park with the Pilgrim Father's Stone. 

I was also able to tour the Immingham Museum where there is a display about the Pilgrims with a larger display planned for 2020 and the #Mayflower400 celebrations. 

From Immingham, I went to Healing Manor in nearby Healing where I was treated to dinner at the Pig and Whistle

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