Monday, 14 May 2018

Busy Week of Research

Once the group arrives, the week flies past very quickly. There have been some amazing finds, some puzzle pieces added to the picture and some great connections made. 

The group has had two full days in the National Records of Scotland. Kirk Session records have been consulted, statutory records and OPRs have been printed off and historical records ordered. 

The group has spent a full day at the Scottish Genealogy Society filling in critical details. And we have had a full day at the National Library of Scotland. 

In the evenings, we have enjoyed two Historic Edinburgh Tours, one of the Old Victorian Town and one of Greyfriar's Kirkyard. 

The weekend was free to travel to the part of Scotland that our ancestors came from and to conduct research locally as well. Ancestral tours have taken place in the Borders, Perth and Dumfries. Some of the group stayed behind in Edinburgh and enjoyed the amazing sights and history of this incredible city. 

We have one last day together at ScotlandsPeople Centre before the tour comes to a close. It has been non stop and we are richer in our understanding of who we are as a Scot, and how we connect to those who came before us. 

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