Thursday, 17 May 2018

Breaking Bread

There is always something special about enjoying a meal together. And this is true also of research groups. We can relax, share research stories, learn more about one another.

On our last night in Edinburgh, we enjoyed a group dinner at Howies on Waterloo Place, at the foot of Calton Hill. I can't tell you the number of times I have walked past and never noticed this place. As a building, it blends in with the architecture of the east end of Prince's Street.

Inside, it looks like it might have once been a theatre. Of course, you can't have a group of genealogists together without someone wanting to know more...about anything and everything.

I looked up the history. The building was purpose built as the Calton Convening Rooms and was the meeting place of the Incorporated Trades. How special that a group of genealogists would be enjoying an evening in a building some of their ancestors may very well have met in.

In addition to the history and the friendship of my Edinburgh group, the food was glorious.

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