Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Meaningful Birthday Gifts

Once people get to a certain age, gifts get less meaningful. I will always remember my aunt telling me that the last thing she needed was another china mug or another dust collector. When I am giving gifts to my older relatives, I always try to give something that is both unique and that evokes memories. Scrapbooks, personalized calendars, DVDs, photographs.

This year, I received fewer gifts - another rite of passage. But they were much more meaningful. I received a new set of luggage for my upcoming research trip to Scotland

A home made birthday cake. Dinner with the family. Breakfast at my favourite restaurant

And today, I received a gem from my soul-sister. We have been friends for 30+ years. Together through relationships, kids, death of pets, changes of houses, death of parents. You name it. We are both estranged from our biological siblings and it is great that we can reminisce together about our families when we were younger since we were both involved with each other's lives way back when. I managed a few years ago to get her hooked on scrapbooking - although when I first started she was pretty sure I had crossed over that fine line between genius and insanity. Then I got her hooked on family history and together we discovered a whole new passion for sharing our past and our memories. She is far more gifted than I am when it comes to crafts. She gave me a very meaningful gift - a FAMILY TREE

My husband doesn't "get it" but then he doesn't get my passion for chasing dead relatives either. The kids know it's meaningful because it is made by Aunty Amber. But for me, it is one of the most cherished gifts I have ever received. It is hanging in a place of honour and I feel truly blessed with the memories and emotions that it evokes. Thank you, my friend.

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