Saturday, 31 March 2012

Heading to Scotland

My updated passport arrived yesterday. The luggage is waiting to be packed. I am slowly organizing my research materials and getting them into Dropbox so I can access them from Scotland.

In six short weeks, I will be in Glasgow. It seemed ages away, but now here it is within grasp - the countdown is on. I am looking forward to wandering around the Necropolis. Hopefully the Glasgow weather will co-operate.

I have 2 brick walls in my research. My maternal great grandfather who left Scotland to "fight in the Boer War" although he never enlisted. He never returned. I am looking forward to meeting up with my great aunts to hear their version of what happened to Old Hugh. I am slowly making headway on him and hope to gather more info on this year's research trip. My other brick wall is my grandfather's first wife. She seems to have landed from Mars right before her marriage to my grandfather. Can't seem to find her before. Hopefully I will be able to make some headway on this one  too.

But I am more looking forward to rounding out the information I already have. Getting the Coroner's report and newspaper clippings of my great Uncle's death. Visiting the grave where my gt gt gt grandfather and his son are buried together. They died together in a mining accident. Andrew, the son, was all of 18. And getting to view the birth and marriage records for those ancestors who are too new to make the timelines for public accessibility.

I am looking forward to the hunt, to the find, to sharing the information and to the renewed sense of purpose once I return. Stay tuned to this blog. I hope to keep you up to date each day after our research.

Happy Hunting!

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