Sunday, 4 March 2012

Genealogy In Time

I am all about functional. Databases need to be searchable, easy to use and provide results. Websites need to be easy to navigate and get me to where I want to be. Software needs to be user-friendly and simple enough a baboon can use it.

I am one never  to download toolbars. Ever. But I recently downloaded the Genealogy In Time toolbar. I think my favourite part is the revolving blog titles that appear and take me to news I never would have found otherwise. One click and I get to read the blog. It saves me scrolling through thousands of blogs on GeneaBloggers. Genealogy in Time does that for me.

Genealogy in Time also has its own FREE search engine. I have tried using Mocavo. It's alright, but gave me a lot of my own information. They recently updated a lot of their UK records, which is my area of interest. So, I tried it again........not so much. I recently received the Genealogy In Time newsletter and decided to give the search engine a try. What a wealth of information came back to me. Unbelievable the records that were there that I have never seen before.

Genealogy in Time beats Mocavo hands down. It is easy to use and produces real results. Its also completely free. No promises of finding better information if I pay to see it.

I'm all about functional. Genealogy in Time toolbar and search engine are functional. Give them a try.

Happy searching!

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