Saturday, 3 March 2012

Child Migrants and British Home Children

I have just finished watching a brilliant DVD called Oranges and  Sunshine. This is the story of Margaret Humphreys who first exposed the Child Migrant Scheme of children being systematically deported to Australia. The DVD is based on Margaret Humphreys' book Empty Cradles, which I read a number of years ago when I was first researching British Home Children.

The DVD is very true to the book, but allows a much more rounded view of the personalities of the child migrants as well as deeper emotional responses from both the child migrants and from Margaret herself.
The DVD is available from Amazon UK for about $8 but is only available in the PAL format. It needs to be played in a computer on the media player which will convert to the North American NTSC format. Hopefully it will soon be available on or, making it more readily playable on a television.

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